In his 1886 poem ‘The Betrothed’, Rudyard Kipling made what is probably the most famous literary reference to cigar smoking, praising the pleasure cigars confer over the company of women.

“A woman is only a woman,” he wrote. “But a good cigar is a smoke.”

Tobacco is as timeless an activity as the ages. There are stories that surround some of the greatest people that include the enjoyment of this past-time. Churchill, Kipling, Kennedy, Einstein, and more recently, Mandela, Denzel Washington and Schwarzenegger. The list goes on.

So what is it about the relationship of what is known to be a health hazard and the perceived decadence that is associated with this pastime? The answers are relative and each smoker of the cigar will hold their own opinion.

Either way, here at, we intend to responsibly serve those that wish to give grace to the activities of cigar and tobacco smoking, and even pipe puffing, by offering our tobacco-provocateurs a wide selection of brands specially curated from around the globe.

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