vapesandtobacco.com is a forward-thinking online retailer of vape and tobacco goods, as well as Prohibition Vape UK’s South African official partner.

About our partnership with Prohibition Vape UK

Winning the right to be the official distributor of Prohibition Vape UK has added trust to our customers and the wider vaping community. We stock a wide range of Prohibition UK’s most popular 25ML brands, including Copped, Peak, Panda and Bubbleworx, and we aim to increase this range in the future. We are relying on the feedback from our community so please get in touch and give us your thoughts.

Our Vape Community

Vaping as an industry has come along way. It’s grown beyond that of a way to quit smoking into a movement of forward-thinking individuals that use it as a means to express themselves.

As we see it, vaping has now split into several counter-cultures:

  1. The vape-noob: someone who doesn’t have a clue, admits it and is keen to learn about every level of nuance on the topic.
  2. The ex-but-still-current-smoker: someone who wants to quit but still smokes and vapes.
  3. The ex-smoker: someone who has quit and enjoys the wide array of unique flavours and strengths that vaping has to offer.
  4. The forward-thinker: The vape dude or gal who revels in its culture, linking up with others and an avid discoverer of new vape flavours and technologies.
  5. The master: the seasoned-vaping dude or gal that rolls their eyes at the efforts of all the above.

Our philosophy is to help our customers at all levels. From noob to master, we aim to give you the best products at each stage of your vaping journey.

Safety first

All our e-liquids and tobacco products are strictly controlled by batch traceability and proof of testing in accordance with International standards (ISO’s). Vapes and Tobacco offer a dedicated commitment to providing quality and safety, with independent quality control procedures and testing in place.

Quality is paramount

There are so many brands out there that claim that the quality and safety of their products is high but lack the standards to match. This is why we have a strong influence globally on our brands and have supported this with a powerful list of local brands. Our priority is offering our customers the best value: through safety, quality and price.

Our tobacco products have been specially curated from abroad, ensuring that we stock all major tobacco brands that are most popular in Southern Africa.

A business that revolves around customer service

We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service, and we, therefore, operate a telephone order line as well. You can call us or reach us on WhatsApp by using +27 72 278 0230 between 9.30 – 4.30 Monday to Saturday, excluding bank holidays. Alternatively, placing your order online with us is very simple. All our orders are dispatched in plain packaging with our courier or the local Post Office.

Vapes and Tobacco: Sourcing the hippest products from SA, Europe and abroad, giving our customers the best value, the fastest, safest delivery and the smoothest customer experience. Commitments more concrete than a cloud of vape!