Panda Lemonade: Blue Raspberry


Blue Raspberry Lemonade – Ultimate cool-off blend with distinctly sweet blue raspberries.
Hand picked, crushed and carbonated by the panda. The ultimate cool-off blend with distinctly sweet blue raspberries.


When you reminisce about your favourite childhood fizzy drinks, one brand stands in front of them all. He’s back, he’s angry, with six smooth soda flavours that really pop.

70%VG/30%PG | 30ml

Why Short Fills?

There are many reasons why Prohibition Vapes have started producing 30ml short fills. It’s simply impossible for your local vape shop to stock a good variety of big bottles of E-Liquid, due to expense and available space. Conveniently pocket size and easy to carry around, you’ll never be without your favourite juice. As a manufacturer, it’s Prohibition Vapes job to provide a broad choice for their consumers. Ultimately saving you money and preventing you from wasting liquid when you get bored of the same flavour! Why not spend the same money and have three or four flavours instead of one?

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