Liqua Elements: American Blend


American Blend is LIQUA’s take on a classic tobacco blend: Mild, slightly sweet Virginian tobacco mixed with hints of nutty Burley. The flavor is very smooth and easy on the palate, with a distinct aroma reminding the user of freshly cured tobacco leaves. The slight sweetness at the finish complements the flavor notes and rounds it off in perfection. The overall aroma is light, slightly leafy and slightly earthy.

Liqua E-Liquid has become a highly reputable brand within the E-Cigarette industry, with it being distributed to and sold in over 85 countries! It’s fair to say that Liqua is an incredibly popular line of E-Liquids. The manufacturers of Liqua E-Liquid are a Czech Republican company known as ‘Ritchy’ who have been established since 2009. Their liquids are carefully crafted using only the finest Italian Flavourings which we personally adore; this has led us to continually stock these liquids for many years. When the TPD Regulations were first announced, we feared many E-Liquid brands would be eradicated, however Ritchy remained confident that Liqua would not be detrimentally affected. “”Liqua Elements”” is one of Ritchy’s answers to the regulations! This is a unique 10ml range of Liqua E-Liquid which complies with the government regulations without losing any of its fantastic, mouth watering flavour!

Tasting notes: Tobacco. Sweet. Earthy.

Manufacturer: LIQUA
Available Strengths: 0mg & 12mg
30ml PET Bottle
50% PG / 50% VG
Made in China
Weight: 38g
Made in EU

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0MG, 12MG, 18MG, 6MG

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